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Wayne Thorpe and Watbalimba Aborigional dances performing A Smoking Ceremony.

Land has become increasingly harder to access for Aboriginal people. In urban areas, its appearance and use have been changed from what it was initially created for. Aboriginal people are concerned for the land and wish to be part of the healing process. This can be done by being actively involved in land management or by conducting ceremonies.

The Smoking Ceremony is an example. Green leaves from plants used by the group that conducts it are placed on a small fire. The smoke is used to cover the participants’ bodies, ridding them of what is not needed. It also cleanses the area. The group feels that it is leaving behind troubles and beginning something new. Reasons for holding the rite are then discussed. The ceremony ends with entertainment, such as dancing and singing.

Wayne leads this group and apart from being a talented gum leaf player is available for indigenous dance displays. Ph 03 94973227